About us


My name is Jenny Palmqvist and I live on the countryside in Borgstena Sweden, togheter with my husband, our three kids and 5 pulis.

My first contact with puli, was when my mum bought a pulimale,  Xaida´z Gi-Ga Nemez-Nero. I fell in love with him and the breed. I was a part of everything that we did with him, agility, obedience and dogshows. I thought that dogshows was the best! But Nero didn´t agree with me, so I bought my  own puli. It was Swea, a choice I´ve never regret. I think that a puli is  very easelly trained, loves to work and FUN to work with. A lot of dog in a small package. I and Swea has been to a lot of shows and obedience competions. Most of them with good results.

I´ve taken my kennelname from Sweas pedigree name, Szarcsa.

Today (2015) Swea is 11 years old and retired.

My thougt with the kennel is to breed on exellent dogs with great exterior and mind.

And off course in exellent health.

All are dogs live in the house with us and our puppies will grow up with kids, cats and our dogs.

Welcome to my website!


About us